bye in korean

There are many ways to learn the Korean language and this site is just one simple example of that. Here you will learn how to say goodbye or bye in Korean. There are many situations where knowing another language could be very helpful. You may find yourself needing to assist your company with translating Korean language into English. You may decide to travel abroad and visit a location that utilizes Korean as the primary language. That is why it’s important to learn Korean and all of the other languages. Below you will see the two ways to say bye in Korean. We recommend using the goodbye translation as the best method when you mean to actually say goodbye or farewell to someone.

안녕 is the Korean translation of bye. This is pronounced as annyeong.

안녕히 가세요 is the correct translation for when you mean to say goodbye to someone. You pronounce this as annyeonghi gaseyo.

Another translation of goodbye is 안녕히 가십시오, which can also mean “good night” and is pronounced the same as the translation of goodbye above. The difference is in the presentation of the symbols.

Thank you for stopping by and learning to say bye in Korean today!