bye in hindi


  Learning the Hindi language may appear difficult, but it will be worth the extra effort in the coming years. If you are a business minded individual then you should consider the fact that India is a rising super power with a population over a billion. There will be plenty of opportunity to build successful [...]

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bye in Russian


There many tools that can be used to learn to speak Russian. From using computer based programs to paper based training manuals, one can never find a lack of material that covers the Russian language. In fact, there are lots of websites that are dedicated to teaching others how to speak Russian. We focus on [...]

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bye in korean


There are many ways to learn the Korean language and this site is just one simple example of that. Here you will learn how to say goodbye or bye in Korean. There are many situations where knowing another language could be very helpful. You may find yourself needing to assist your company with translating Korean [...]

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bye in chinese


Put down that Chinese dictionary right this second if you are looking for the translation of bye in Chinese as we can save you a lot of time. There are a few ways to say goodbye in this language and you won’t need a Chinese translator to accomplish this task today! See with Chinese you [...]

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bye in Japanese


If you want to learn how to spell bye in the Japanese language then we can help! However, be warned that the Japan language is not an easy language to master and will take hard work and dedication if you wish to be able to speak it with accuracy. To say bye in Japanese in [...]

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Bye in Italian


So you want to know the Italian translation for the word bye? Then rest assured we are here to help with your quest for English to Italian translation! There are several fun ways to say bye in Italian and we will share a few of them here with you. One of the most used ways [...]

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Bye in German


Instead of looking for an English to German dictionary to figure out how to say bye use our simple page here to learn about two German words that translate to bye in German! There are a few ways to say goodbye and the one that I generally use is tschus. This word translates directly to [...]

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Bye in French


There are several ways to say bye or good bye in French. The formal way is to say au revoir and boy it sure does sound cool, but we tend to like the slang word used to say the same thing, cheerio! In fact, that catchy song from Karmin is probably buzzing through your brain [...]

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Bye in Spanish


You don’t need a Spanish English dictionary in order to learn how to say bye in Spanish. All you need to know is a simple five letter word and that word is so much fun to say! Adios is the English to Spanish translation of bye and one of the most widely used ways to [...]

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